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Adding an SSL Certificate

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An SSL certificate ("Secure Sockets Layer") is an digital certificate that enables HTTPS, authenticates a website's identity to visitors, and encrypts its traffic for safety.

What are the benefits of an SSL certificate?

An SSL Certificate tells customers your website really is who it claims to be, by verifying the website and domain name. Your site will appear as "Secure" with a padlock in the URL bar, along with enabling https which ensures that communication to and from your site is more secure. Whether your site accepts credit card payments, collects customer data via email forms, or just operates as a homepage to your home business, taking steps to show your customers that your site is legitimate and safe is vital to the success of your business.

Note: A website requires your own domain to secure, *.jigsy subdomains cannot be secured with an SSL certificate.


SSL Certificates are $49.00 for 1 year, or $93.00 for 2 years for a Single Domain (saving $5.00). All prices are in USD.

Purchasing an SSL certificate

To get started, click the "Purchase SSL Certificate" link on your Dashboard, then select the website/domain you wish to secure.

As part of the verification process, you will be asked to add Contact Details for the certificate on the next screen. These should accurately match your domain's registered contact details. If you are using an external domain, you can retrieve these Registrant details from your domain registrar's site.

Once done, click "Purchase" and continue through the payment process.

The certificate will be verified and generated automatically. Once the certificate is verified and complete, it will automatically install and secure your website with no action required.

Its status may be checked in the SSL Certificates section of your Dashboard.

Installing a certificate from another vendor

You may also manually install third-party certificates from alternative sources. This requires a different process that will involve support services.

To begin, submit a ticket to the Support desk with information such as your SSL vendor and desired domain for further instructions.