Enabling Chinese Language Support

A fellow website builder user has created a simple JavaScript to translate website builder pages into Chinese! Once applied, it will translate most of the English on your pages, such as "comment" "View archived posts" "Submit" "Read more".

Where to Find:

This latest version of this code can be found at the member's site here:


We suggest you watch this page for updates and improvements to this script.

How to Use

To use this script, simply include the latest javascript file in your default html document while Editing Theme Source Code. For version 1.3.3 of this script, the entry would appear as follows:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://www.imyuao.com/files/documents/translate.js'></script>

Please ensure this is added within the <body> tags of your default html file.


This code has been tested and works well. An example of this can be found at: