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From here you can add, delete and manage your pages and groups as well as URL redirects. You can also create a new page and set your home page here. Your home page is the first page visitors will see when they visit your website address.


Where to Find

This area can be found in the "Manage Website" section of the Toolbar as Pages.

Managing Pages

  • Clicking on a page name will allow you to edit the page settings you used when the page was created in the Creating a New Page area. You can unpublish a page in this area.
  • Clicking the Viewicon.PNG icon will take you directly to the associated page.
  • Clicking on "Make default" will set the selected page as the page that is loaded by default when you edit your pages and will be the first page seen when someone visits your website. Your default page cannot be deleted and this option will not be available unless another default page is chosen. Your home page will always display at the top of your page navigation dropdown.
  • Clicking the Trashicon.PNG icon will allow you to delete the page. You will be prompted to confirm deletion first, which will prevent accidentally deleted pages.

Managing Folders

Folders are useful for grouping similar pages together to be managed as a group to avoid complication and confusion where there are many pages. It can also be used to password protect only the pages in a folder and leave all others open to the public.

To create a new folder, simply click "New Page". You will be able to create a new page here and all all of the details that can be later managed in the Page Settings area.


The screenshot above shows the settings that are needed to create the pageinfolder page in the /foldername/ folder as shown in the screenshot at the top of the page. Note the foldername/ in the Page URL field.

Clicking the Trashicon.PNG icon will bring up a confirmation box allowing you to confirm your choice before the folder is deleted.

Note: This will also remove the pages inside this folder.

Password Protection: Locking/Unlocking

It is possible to make a page password protected, so that when users try to access the page they will be faced with a password prompt; only after inputting the correct password for the page will the page load for the user. This allows you to make certain pages private or password-only, as opposed to default public pages.

If you'd like to password protect a page or group, click on the Lockicon.PNG icon to the right of the page name or group name. You will then be able to set a password for that page or group.

To unlock a protected page or group, or to change the password associated with it, simply click on the Lockedicon.PNG icon.

Please note that the desired actions will be applied automatically and closing this box when finished will confirm this.