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Categories are used to organize your posts. Separating your posts into categories allows you to display different posts on different sections of your website, or simply allow visitors to browse your posts by topics of their interest.


If you select choose specific categories to display in the Blog Post settings, you can specify which posts you want to display by category, as created in the Categories section.


Where to Find

Blog categories can be managed by clicking on the "Categories" tab in the "Manage Posts" section of the Toolbar.

How to use

Enter your Category Name and click the "Create Category" button Newcategbutton.PNG to create a new category. If you would like to edit an existing Category name, simply click on the edit icon next to the category in the "Categories" area.

  • The Viewicon.gif icon will allow you to view all Blog entries listed in this category.
  • The Lockicon.PNG icon will allow you to enable password protection for this category.

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