Viewing your Account Overview

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You will see your Account Overview page immediately after logging into your account. Here you can perform basic account tasks as detailed below, depending on your hosting package and other purchased services and configuration:

Change Email Address Change Password
Cancel Recurring Billing Upgrade Hosting Plan
Create a new Website Delete a Website
Add an External Domain Register / Manage a Domain
Create / Manage E-mail addresses View your Transaction History
Visit the Help Center Manage website builder Newsletter Subscription
Manage Domain Hostnames


To begin editing your website, simply click on the "Edit" button to the right of the website you want to edit. This will load your Website Editor. Need step by step instructions? Creating your first Website Builder site will get you on track right from the first step.

Browser Compatibility Warning

If you are receiving a Browser Compatibility Warning when viewing this page, we ask that you download the latest version of your browser, or use a browser supported by website builder. We recommend downloading the latest version of Firefox for use with website builder. It is also compatible with the latest versions of Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

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