Publishing your Website

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For Free Websites:

Under Jigsy's free plan, users have access to our website editing tools and can preview their creations as much as they like. However, to make your site live, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

For Paid Jigsy Plans:

Unless you specify otherwise and choose to unpublish your pages as you create them, or at a later time, your website pages and the changes you make to them are published as they are created and as the changes are made and saved.

Because website builder is a CMS (Content Management System) builder, you are editing all aspects of your website as they appear to an outside viewer and the current state of your website and its pages will be seen while Using the Website Editor. This is convenient as you do not need to log out of your account or load your page separately to view your changes as you make them.

Simply put - your pages are published unless you choose for them not to be as you make changes, and click on the "Save", "Create" and "Update" buttons found throughout the editor.

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